International Coverage

What is International Coverage?

Businesses and the economy have become much more global and continue to trend in that direction. It is important for firms working overseas that they have protection internationally. Some of the coverage’s that are available for international coverage are commercial general liability, property, commercial auto, workers compensation, umbrella, marine, travel assistance, medical coverage and kidnap & ransom policies. Some of the coverage’s are available as package policies with several coverage types included or separate policy for the specific coverage (such as kidnap and ransom). It is important to know your needs for the coverage and what policy would best suit those needs, this may also vary depending on the country you are working in. Professional Underwriters can assist in the finding the right policy for your firm.

International Coverage

Why would my firm need International Coverage?

Since most domestic policies won’t provide coverage for work done outside of the United States it is essential that if your firm does any work outside of the United States that you have an international policy. Additionally, if you attend international events, have employees working abroad, sponsor trips, have international operations or office, or provide professional services outside of the United States you will need an international policy. Depending on where your firm is working you may have different requirements for the types of policies you may need or that are available. Contract requirements may also drive the need for the different types of coverage required internationally. International coverage can protect your firm from costly claims arising out of international work. Ask your agent how they can help.

What carriers provide International Coverage?

Professional Underwriters can help to find the right carrier for your firm. Some of the carriers we work with for the International coverage are ACE American, The Hartford and CNA.

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