Recreational Vehicles

Recreational Vehicles

There are different policies designed to properly insure your specific watercraft or recreational vehicle insurance needs. Some of your recreational vehicles or watercraft can be insured directly on your Homeowners policy.

Recreational Vehicles

Those items include:

  • Watercraft that is less than 22 feet in length and less than 200 horsepower
  • Sailboats that are less than 26 feet in length
  • Golf carts, ATVs, Snowmobiles

If your specialty vehicles do not fit into the homeowners policy specifications, you can insure them on a separate policy. Some specialty vehicles that can also be insured on a separate policy include motorcycles, collectible cars, or yachts.

These policies, whether on your homeowners or a stand alone policy, provide your vehicle with physical damage coverage on an actual cash value basis. They also provide the owner and driver with liability coverages. Each stand alone policy is designed to provide the best possible coverage available based on the needs of the specific recreational vehicle or watercraft. Some additional coverages that would not be include when the vehicle is added to your homeowners policy would include replacement cost, roadside assistance, personal effects, or some coverage for a trailer.

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