Maintaining Your Home to Help Prevent Claims

Keeping up with maintaining your home can be challenging. But often, proactive attention to some key areas around your home can help you in the event of a claim, or perhaps prevent one at all. To help you keep on top of some common tasks, here’s a maintenance list of things that could save your some headache down the road.

Walk Through Your Entire Property

Check any rarely used or seen spaces, such as the attic or under a raised deck. Look for evidence of insects, rodents, rot, leaks or mold to identify developing problems early. Be sure to check large trees for any sign of decay.

Update Your Home Inventory

File receipts and take pictures of both the exterior and interior to catalog your items if there is a need to be replaced.

Pay Attention to Your Plumbing

Do a visual inspection and look for signs of discoloration on metal pipes; cracking or crimping of plastic, PEX or polymer parts; deposits or rust-like buildup; and frayed metal or discoloration on braided supply hoses.

Check Gutters

Check your gutters for signs of leaves or other obstructions, and remedy any clogs or improper drainage.

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