ae ProNet Newsletter – May 2023

ae ProNet newsletter

ae ProNet Newsletter – May 2023

The May 2023 newsletter from ae ProNet discusses the questions you should asking your insurance agent when renewing your professional liability policy.

While the decision alone can be a large task, the application itself can also be quite daunting.

Attorney Jonathan Shoemaker lends his thoughts in the most recent newsletter and explains what are the best questions to ask your agent at renewal.

Please click HERE to read his article.

At Professional Underwriters, our job is to help answer these questions as well as provide our professional insight that will help dictate which policy is best suited for your firm.

Not all design firms are created the same and not all insurance coverages are either.

We help our clients customize the correct insurance coverage that is needed for each individual firm, base on their discipline, project type and firm size.

There are many options in the industry today and finding the right fit for all of our clients is our number one objective.

We take the worry and stress out of this very important decision and educate our clients in order for them to feel comfortable in their choice of carrier.


If you have any questions regarding any lines of coverage for your firm, please reach out to us and let us lend our knowledge and experience to your firm.

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