ACEC Economic Impact Report

economic impact report

ACEC Economic Impact Report

We all know how much the engineering industry affects the world we live in, but when you apply real numbers to the work that is being conducted, the impact that the Engineering world has on all of our lives is incredible.

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) released the following Economic Impact Report which measures the Engineering Impact on the Economy and Society. These reports examine in detail how engineering:
-Contributes 3% of all U.S. jobs
-Employs or supports 24% of the 1.7 million engineers working across every sector of the economy
-Generated $40 billion in personal property taxes, $12.7 billion in sales taxes and $11.8 billion in property tax
-Is responsible for 2.8% of GDP
-Multiplies economic activity. Each additional $1 in Engineering and -Architectural revenue contributes $1.55 to GDP.

Click HERE to view the full article from ACEC


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