Additional Insured Endorsements for Architects/Engineers on General Liability Policies

Additional insured endorsements for architects/engineers on general liability policies-

The request for additional insured on general liability is common for architects/engineers. There are several company in the marketplace and each of their additional insured endorsements look different.

Insurance companies often, for architects/engineers, offer a blanket additional insured endorsements that will state the company will grant the additional insured language as required by written contract. Here is an example of that policy wording:

Additional Insureds When Required By Written Contract, Written Agreement or Permit

Or it may read as follows:

Any person or organization that you agree in a “written contract requiring insurance” to include as an additional insured on this Coverage Part

The key to the blanket additional insured in these cases is it does have to be required by written contract.

There are other insurance companies that will have what is called a scheduled additional insured endorsement. This lists the specific additional insured in the policy and includes the additional insured name and address. The scheduled additional insured language may be needed if your firm does not have the requirement in the written contract. This type of endorsement is not as common for the general liability policy for architects/engineers.

There are some insurance companies that have the blanket additional insured but if they needed can also list a ‘scheduled’ additional insured if needed. This is not as common and not available with all insurance companies, check with your insurance company if this is a need for your firm.

Also, it is very important to note that an additional insured cannot be listed on Professional Liability and Workers Compensation, just the General Liability and Automobile Liability policies.

Additional insured endorsements are an important part of the general liability policy and contracts for architects/engineers. If you have questions please call or email your Professional Underwriter agent.

Additional Insured Endorsements

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