Additional insured on insurance policies for architects/engineers

Additional insured on insurance policies for architects/engineers-

This request is asked for often and not all policies will allow for the additional insured status.  Here is a breakdown of what policies will and will not allow.

General liability is the most common policy that the additional insured is requested.  Most policies, for architects/engineers, will have a blanket additional insured endorsement available.  With this endorsement the additional insured language must be included on the agreement or contract in order for the endorsement to be triggered.  In some cases, the additional insured endorsement will be a scheduled endorsement, meaning that each additional insured will need to be listed on the endorsement.  There are a few insurance policies that will have both the blanket and the scheduled endorsement.  The automobile liability and umbrella/excess will also have the blanket additional insured endorsement that is on the general liability.

The workers compensation policy does not allow for additional insured.  The only company that can be insured on the workers compensation policy is your firm.  This policy is designed to cover work related injuries for the employees of the named insured (architect/engineer) on the policy, not for others outside of the firm.

Professional liability does not allow for additional insured on the policy.  This is a request that does come up from time to time on a certificate of insurance request but is now allowed.  Unlike other insurance policies, the professional liability policy does not make payments to the named insured (architect/engineer), it makes payments on behalf of the named insured due to the named insureds error or omission.

The policies for architects/engineers often get confused with contractors in that the additional insured is far more common for contractors.  If you have any questions about additional insured on design professionals insurance policies, please call or email your Professional Underwriters agent for assistance.additional insureds

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