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architects insurance

Architects Insurance

Why Architect Firms Need Business Insurance

As an architect, you conceive and design buildings according to your clients’ visions. You also work with contractors to construct projects. Working with many different people in various roles can leave you open to some unique risks. This is on top of risks like property damage or data loss that almost all businesses face.
Business insurance can help protect architecture firms from these risks. Architect business insurance is also called:
  • Architect insurance
  • Public liability insurance for architects

Business Owner’s Policy

Most architects have a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). This helps protect your business in much the same way a homeowners policy helps protect your home and personal possessions.
A BOP is a good foundation for your risk management plan. It combines three basic insurance coverages that are important to almost every small architecture business. Having one convenient policy with three coverages helps you save money, while safeguarding the small business you worked hard to build.
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