Automobile liability for architects and engineers

Automobile liability for architects and engineers-

This coverage can be confusing because there are several types of automobile insurance. Typically, in a contract, the specific automobile liability is coverage to protect your business in the case of liability due to use of an automobile.

An automobile liability coverage, that is a part of your firm’s business owner policy, covers legal costs if someone sues your firm over damage caused by your vehicle. It may also cover medical payments and medical bills related to accident.

The coverage is typically identified in the policy as hired and non-owned automobile liability. This means that if your employees use their vehicles, while on business and your firm is sued, this will protect your firm. This will also be the case for non-owned vehicles, such as rental cars for the liability only, not the physical damage.

The automobile liability coverage does not cover physical damage for the hired and non-owned automobiles. Some insurance companies can add an endorsement to coverage the physical damage coverage to the employee vehicle or rental car coverage.

If your firm owns vehicles the automobile liability coverage will be included in your firm’s automobile policy. This is known as a commercial automobile insurance coverage and personal automobiles may not be covered under this type of policy. If employees are using vehicles for business use the automobile liability coverage may be added for this particular use as well.

In contracts the automobile liability is often confused with personal automobile liability coverage. They are two separate types of coverages. Commonly the automobile liability coverage that contracts require is for the business itself, not necessarily on a personal automobile policy.

Automobile liability is common in contract requirements and may need some clarification to make sure your firm is properly covered. If there are any questions with regards to automobile liability please call or email your Professional Underwriters agent for assistance.

Automobile liability


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