Avoiding Litigation

avoiding litigation

Engineering on the Margin: Practical Considerations for Avoiding Litigation

Architects and engineers have enough to worry about while designing their projects that the thought of a claim is sometimes the last thing on their minds. Further to that, the thought of any actual litigation is even further past the horizon.

While it is becoming more and more common that any issues with regard to a claim from a design project actually moves to the litigation phase (most cases are settled far in advance) it is important to know how to handle this situation if and when it arises for your firm.

Along with the slight up tick in cases actually seeing the light of day in court, comes with it a rise in the number of law firms looking to file a claim against your firm in the first place. This increased presence of money-hungry attorneys should make all of the design professionals world more aware of what can and may happen in the matter of minutes, but more importantly, this should encourage your firm to prepare how to avoid these circumstances altogether.

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