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Architect I.M. Pei Died at 102

The Masterful Modernism of I.M. Pei Spencer Bailey,Alex Scimecca May 19, 2019 I.M. Pei, who died last week in his Manhattan home at age 102, was among the most celebrated architects of the last century, widely praised for his high-profile…

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What is a Standard Contract?

What is a Standard Contract? It can be considered one of the most crucial steps in the architectural process that, once completed, will never need to be attempted again. An accurately prepared legal agreement between the architect and owner will…

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Holiday Safety for Businesses

 Holiday Safety for Businesses The holidays usually bring several things to a small business – more foot traffic, celebratory decorations and additional staff to help with boosted sales.  However, with added customers and distractions, slips and trips are never far…

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