Certificates of Insurance for Architects/Engineers

Certificates of Insurance for Architects/Engineers

Many times the requests for certificates of insurance are not geared towards architects/engineers, they tend to look like a request for a contractor. Keep in mind that some of the requests for design firms are going to be different and coverage will vary.

Certificates of insurance for architects/engineers will typically include a request for Professional Liability coverage. With that the deductible amount may be requested to show that it is below the amount agreed upon in a contract.

Often there are requests to list a client as an additional insured on Professional Liability. This is not possible on Professional Liability since the certificate holder is not the professional on the policy. The additional insured language can typically be accomplished on the general liability policy.

With General liability it may also be requested to provide waiver of subrogation for the certificate holder. This is possible if it is part of your policy, you will need to review your firm’s policy terms and endorsements to verify if this is available. If your firm has a blanket additional insured endorsement the language for the waiver of subrogation may be in that endorsement.

Workers Compensation often request a waiver of subrogation as well. Again this may be on a blanket endorsement or scheduled in the policy. With the blanket waiver of subrogation it may have the condition that it is required by contract.

The workers compensation, like Professional Liability, cannot include the additional insured language.

Umbrella policies, if they follow form, can include the requests that general liability does. Follow form means that the policy ‘follows’ the provisions of the General Liability policy.

Your firm may receive certificate of insurance requests that may be uncommon, if you are not sure check with your insurance agent or review your policy. If you have questions please call or email your Professional Underwriter agent.certificates of insurance

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