Climate Change – Risk to Michigan Properties

Climate Change – Risk to Michigan Properties

In the last 30 years, Michigan’s average temperature has increased by less than 2 degrees. However, that’s enough to cause changes that affect Michigan policy holders in negative ways. The GLISA confirms that in 2017 the air temp, basin precipitation, water temp, and water levels were all up in the four Great Lakes that border Michigan. If you think we have received more rain than usual, you’re correct. The EPA says the annual precipitation throughout the Midwest has increased by 5-10% over the last 50  years and that severe rainstorms are intensifying. The changes in climate not only affect the agriculture, shipping, and tourism, but also expose homes and businesses to risks they may not have considered in the past.

climate change

Homeowners widely believe that they will receive some form of government assistance after a disaster. However, between 2014 and 2016, only 11% of aid provided by FEMA Disaster Relief Fund went to individuals. How can you protect yourself? First you need to ask yourself the following questions –

  • Is your home or business secured in case of strong storms?
  • How is your marine equipment docked/stored while not in use?
  • Will ice damage cause your roof tiles to lift?
  • Has the flood zone in your area been adjusted?

Flooding has become a major area of concern in recent years. A standard Home Owners policy excludes damage due to flooding. The agents at Professional Underwriters can assist you in finding the right Flood coverage for your Home or Business.



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