Common Endorsements on Professional Liability Policies

Common Endorsements on Professional Liability Policies for Architects/Engineers

While the Professional Liability policy does not have many endorsements because most policy provisions are included in the base policy, there may be some endorsements to keep an eye out for.

Your firm may have a special deductible type endorsement attached to the policy. This may be a first dollar deductible or a shared cost deductible and this will be added by endorsement. If your firm has a straight deductible this will likely not be added as an endorsement. The deductible types and including an endorsement for the deductible type will vary with each insurance company.

Pollution endorsements are common under the Professional Liability policy. This will detail what the policy covers or doesn’t cover specific to pollution coverage. Most insurance companies will provide this coverage, however the definitions will be different with each company.

The named insured or listing past firm’s entity names will be added by endorsement. If your firm changes names or has a merger this will create an endorsement for the new firm name. Some firms have multiple entity names, this will also be listed under an endorsement.

Each specific state will have endorsements that will address the requirements of the specific state your firm is domiciled. These are required by states and will not change except if the law with that state changes.

Other endorsements that may be included in your firm’s policy are exclusions for specific items such as projects types or entities. If your firm has purchased an extended reporting period, this will be an endorsement.

As always, it is recommended that your firm read your Professional Liability policy in full to understand the provisions that are included or not included. If you have any questions with regards to endorsements on the Professional Liability policy call or email your Professional Underwriters agent for assistance.common endorsements

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