Common requests on certificates of insurance for design firms

Standard ContractCommon requests on certificates of insurance for design firms

Each of your firms’ clients will request certificates of insurance with different requirements for each insurance policy. Below is a list of the more common requests on certificates of insurance based on the specific insurance policy.

Professional Liability – Some clients may ask just to be listed as certificate holder on certificates of insurance but occasionally they will be asked to be additional insured on Professional Liability.  The additional insured language is on the General Liability and cannot be accomplished on the Professional Liability policy.  Another request that is common is the request to have the deductible listed on the certificate.  This is something that our agency is able to include on the certificate of insurance in addition to the retroactive date, if requested.

General and Automobile Liability – In addition to being listed as the certificate holder many clients will be asked to be an additional insured.  In most cases, if the policy allows, this can be accomplished.  The additional insured will either be by endorsement or as required by contract (blanket endorsement on the policy).  Waiver of subrogation is another request that is common on General and Automobile Liability.  Again, as long as the policy has the endorsement or blanket waiver of subrogation this can be added to the certificate of insurance.  Occasionally there will be a request for an umbrella/excess and if your firm has this coverage is should be on your certificate of insurance.  If not, please speak to your agent about obtaining a quote for the umbrella/excess coverage.

Workers Compensation – Probably the most common request for Workers Compensation is the waiver of subrogation.  The carrier may have a blanket endorsement or are able to add the endorsement for the waiver of subrogation for an additional premium.  Also, there may be the request to indicate if officers are included or excluded on the coverage and this can be indicated on the certificate of insurance.

The certificate of insurance offers quite a bit of information for your clients please let your PUI Agent know how we can help.

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