Cyber Attacks – Are We Becoming Immune?


Cyber Attacks – Are We Becoming Immune?

Cyber attacks seem to be happening more often these days.  These data breaches occur almost daily exposing email addresses, passwords, credit card numbers, and other highly sensitive information.  Unfortunately, most of us don’t understand the seriousness of the problem until it directly happens to us through identity theft or a stolen credit card.

Are we becoming immune to the severity of a cyber attack?  Our online information is not safe.  A lot of times we are made to sign up for an online account just to view the information on a website.  We sign up almost automatically, not giving it a second thought that our information has the potential to be compromised.  Giving the sense that cyber attacks are inevitably a part of modern day life.  We knowingly accept the fact that eventually we will suffer from a data breach.

Our complacency is comparable to hearing a car alarm going off in a parking lot or watching the news hearing about a shooting.  Sadly, we just don’t give it the attention it warrants.

Cyber attacks are happening to companies of ALL sizes.  Some of the most recent are Equifax, Facebook, Capital One, Poshmark, Cafe Express, and Dow Jones.  Data hackers also target the government and local police departments.  Click HERE to read about a recent data breach that held 22 municipalities hostage.

Professional Underwriters takes cyber attacks very seriously.  We can help find you the best fit cyber insurance policy for your firm.  Don’t hesitate, please email or call us to get you protected.

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