Cyber Insurance 101



Cyber Insurance 101

There is a hot new topic in the insurance industry, and it is Cyber Insurance.

By now, surely you know or know of someone who has been involved in some sort of Cyber attack.

Whether it be hacking into a personal email account or having your credit card number stolen and used for fraudulent charges.

Hackers are always finding new ways to breach your security and infiltrate your system.

The newest trend is to hold an entire system ransom until an amount of Bitcoins are released in order to pay off the hackers. The biggest effect of this type of hacking is the business interruption. A firm may be down for days or weeks until this issue is resolved.

Thankfully, there are policies specifically designed to help out in such an instance.

Great American Insurance Group has just released their newsletter and it has everything you need to know when it comes to understanding your Cyber Liability risks, please click HERE

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