Cyber Liability -Common Coverages


Identifying your risk level can help you determine the ideal package of insurance coverage to mitigate potential losses from a cyberattack. Below are some of the key coverages provided in a Cyber/Network Security Liability.
cyber liability

Security Breach Expense

Coverage for losses and incident recovery expenses such as forensic investigation or customer notification

Extortion Threats

Coverage for costs associated with ransoms related to cyber intrusions into business systems

Replacement or Restoration of Data

Coverage for the costs to replace or restore data or programs in the aftermath of an incident

Loss of Business Income

Coverage for losses and costs associated with the inability to conduct business due to a cyberattack

Public Relations Expenses

​Coverage for the costs to hire a public relations firm to restore reputation following a cyber incident

Security Breach Liability

Coverage of costs, if liable, incurred by customers and other third parties due to a cyberattack

Computer and Funds Transfer Fraud

Coverage for the losses associated with a fraudulent transfer of money, securities, or other property

Social Engineering

Coverage for losses associated with social engineering incidents

Ransom Payments

Coverage for the reimbursement of ransom payment to a third party to resolve an extortion threat

Post Breach Remediation

Coverage for labor costs to remediate security weaknesses identified by an independent security firm

Hardware Replacement Costs

Coverage for the cost to replace destructed or corrupted equipment after a cyber incident

Telecommunication Fraud

​Coverage for the cost of unauthorized use of the insured’s telephone system following a cyber incident

Website Media Content Liability

Coverage for a loss and defense expenses from intellectual property infringement

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