Declarations Pages in Architects/Engineers Policies

What is included in architects/engineers declarations pages of insurance policies?

There are several pieces of information included in the declarations pages of insurance policies.  The declarations pages are the first few pages of your firm’s policies, whether it is professional liability, business owner policy or workers compensation.

Your firm’s name, or what is referred to the named insured is included on the declarations page.  The named insured is extremely important because it is the entity that can make changes and sends notifications on the policy.  Your firm’s address is also included.  This is the address that is used for the insurance company can send notifications and policies to your firm.  Be sure that the named insured and address are always up to date.

Other important items on the declarations page are the effective date of your firm’s policy, the limits of liability, deductible and if needed a retroactive date.  The policy premium will also be included in the declaration page.  Always review these items and verify that they are correct, even if it is an automatic renewal of a policy.

Most policies will also include all the endorsement names and/or numbers that are included in the policy.  These will not detail the endorsement; you will need to go to the actual endorsement to understand what is or is not included in the policy.

The declarations page will include the name of the insurance company that writes the policy.  This may be different from the entity that underwrites the policy.  Your insurance agent’s name may also be included in the declarations page.

Review your firm’s declarations page for accuracy in your firms policy.  If your firm has any questions or corrections to the declarations page please call, or email, your Professional Underwriter agent for assistance.declarations pages

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