Declarations Pages – What Are They?

Declarations Pages – What Are They?

What are declarations pages on a policy for my architecture/engineering firm?

These are the first few pages of a policy that state the named insured, address, policy period, location address, mailing address, policy limits and additional information that will vary on each policy. It may also be referred to as the information pages.

The professional liability policy declarations pages will include the items listed above and items more specified to the policy. The retroactive date will be listed on the policy and will look similar to the following:

  1. RETROACTIVE DATE (if applicable):

Full Prior Acts

The professional liability policy may also list the contact information to report a claim, the deductible and deductible type (if applicable), the premium and a statement that the policy is claims made.

The workers compensation policy information pages will include a few different items. It will include your firm’s location, FEIN, states that have employees for your firm and the employer liability limits that looks similar to the following.

Bodily Injury by Accident ___________________________ each accident

Bodily Injury by Disease ___________________________ policy limit

Bodily Injury by Disease ___________________________ each employee

The business owner policy will include much of the same items as listed above, however it will provide more detail. The information pages will include the deductible, limits of liability for general liability and automobile liability and limits for business personal property that will look similar to the following.


*Replacement Cost

$ 39,899

The business owner policy will also have a list of endorsements included in the policy, such as additional insured, hired and non-owned automobile, specific endorsements for architects/engineers and exclusions.

If you have any questions with regards to what is included on the declarations pages of policies please call or email your Professional Underwriters agent for assistance.

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