UAVs/Drones – Do you operate unmanned aerial vehicles in business?

UAV, Drone, InsuranceDo you operate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs/Drones in business?

If the answer is yes you made need to purchase a separate liability policy.  Your business owners or general liability policy that you have may have an exclusion for aircraft.  If you become liable for damaging someones property or causing bodily injury you may not be covered under your current policy. Please contact Professional Underwriters Inc. for more information or to receive a quote.

You will also need to get approval from the FAA if  you will be flying a drone for business use.  This is not necessary if it is for hobby or recreational use.

There are presently three methods of gaining FAA approval for flying civil (non-governmental) UAS:

  1. Special Airworthiness Certificates – Experimental Category (SAC-EC) for civil aircraft to perform research and development, crew training, and market surveys. However, carrying persons or property for compensation or hire is prohibited. For more information, please contact the Airworthiness Certification Service, AIR-113, at 202-267-1575. 1,3
  2. Obtain a UAS type and airworthiness certificate in the Restricted Category (14 CFR § 21.25(a)(2) and § 21.185) for a special purpose or a type certificate for production of the UAS under 14 CFR § 21.25(a)(1) or § 21.17. 7,8
  3. Petition for Exemption with a civil Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (COA) for civil aircraft to perform commercial operations in low-risk, controlled environments.

How do I obtain an experimental airworthiness certificate?

The Aircraft Certification Service, AIR-113 at FAA headquarters in Washington, D.C. holds this responsibility and can be reached via email or telephone at 202-267-1575. All questions regarding the process and procedures required to obtain an experimental certificate will be answered by AIR-113. 1,3,5

How long does the experimental airworthiness certification process take?

From our experience, depending on the complexity, this process can take from two months to one year.

Go to the Federal Aviation Administration for more information by clicking HERE


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