Do’s and Don’ts of Professional Liability Claims for Architects and Engineers

Do’s and Don’ts of Professional Liability Claims for Architects and Engineers

There are several things to be aware of when reporting a claim or once your firm is going through the claims process.  Here is a list of some of the dos and don’ts.

Do communicate with the claims representative and your firm’s attorney on a regular basis; it is important that everyone has a clear understanding of the claim situation and anything new that may have transpired with the claim.

Don’t assume that the insurance company has the information, they may not.  Your client or your client’s attorney may be just sending that information to you and not to your firm’s attorney or to the insurance company.  Any documentation received share with the insurance company and your firm’s attorney.

Do provide as much information to the claims representative and attorney your firm is working with during the claims process.  This includes any documentation, such as contract, change orders, drawings, emails and any other communication on the project.

Don’t try to settle a claim on your own.  This may be in violation of your policy and can cause larger issues for your firm with regards to the claim.

Do report and all circumstances, pre-claims situations and potential claims to the insurance company.  Even if you think it may not be a claim call your insurance company to discuss the situation.  Most insurance policies have free pre-claims assistance.

Don’t communicate with your clients’ attorney unless you have been instructed to by the insurance company or your firm’s attorney.

Do assist and cooperate with all parties involved, it will result in the best outcome on the claim.

The claims process can be stressful but the more communication there is the better it can be.  If you have questions regarding your claim, please call or email your Professional Underwriter.

Do’s and Don’ts

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