Dos and Don’ts of Professional Liability for Architects/Engineers

Dos and don’ts of professional liability for architects/engineers-

There are many intricacies to a professional liability policy, here are some suggestions on the policy.

Do complete the application as accurately as possible. It is important to provide the insurance companies correct information on the application so that they have a complete understanding of your firm’s services, billings and operations in general.

Don’t skip over questions on the application. It is important that the insurance companies have all of the information about your firm. If your firm has a brochure or a website be sure to include those items as well.

Do attend the various webinars and seminars, if possible, to have a solid continuing education on risk management. Most insurance companies offer webinars at least twice a year. In addition, there are seminars around town with agencies, associations and product suppliers.

Don’t miss out on the services that the insurance companies have to offer. Most insurance companies offer free contract reviews for insurability. Additionally, the insurance companies have free pre-claims assistance to help in matters that may have come up with your firm but are not a claim.

Do report claims as soon as they are received to your agent or the insurance company. This will help to alleviate any delays to responding to the claim and allows the insurance company to provide your firm with an attorney as soon as possible.

Don’t forget to compile all of the information needed with relation to the project if you do receive a claim. The claims representative or attorney may ask for additional information, make sure your firm is providing all of the information requested so that your firm can be best represented.

If you have any questions with regards to professional liability for architect/engineer policies please call or email your Professional Underwriters agent for assistance.

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