Earthquake coverage in Michigan?

Earthquake coverage in Michigan?

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency; Michigan has a “very small probability of experiencing damaging earthquake effects”. In fact, most tremors felt in Michigan originate elsewhere. However, buildings can suffer effects from earthquakes in neighboring states that have a higher likelihood of them.

Think it can’t or won’t happen in Michigan? You’d be wrong. Michigan has experienced small quakes for centuries, ranging from magnitudes of 2, 3, even 4.6. The largest damaged chimneys and cracked plaster over a large area of south-central Michigan and it was felt as far away as Muskegon and Saginaw and parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.  A newly discovered fault line in Kalamazoo County suggests more quakes could be in our future.

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Damage to your personal or commercial structure due to an earthquake is typically excluded from a Home Owners or Business Owners property covered cause of loss. Endorsements are available to be purchased that can provide coverage due to damaging earth movement.

More information regarding earthquake potential in Michigan can be found on

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