Exclusions on the Business Owner Policy

Exclusions on the business owner policy for architects/engineers-

These are some of the exclusions that are included in the business owner policy. The exclusions may vary with each insurance company, carefully read your policy so your firm understands those exclusions.

The insurance company will not pay for claims related to ordinance or law, earth movement, governmental action, nuclear hazard, utility services, war and military action, water, certain computer related losses, fungi, wet rot or dry rot, virus or bacteria, electrical apparatus, smoke, vapor, gas, steam apparatus, frozen plumbing, dishonesty, false pretense, exposed property, collapse, pollution, neglect, errors or omissions, installation, testing, repair, electrical disturbance, continuous or repeated seepage or leakage of water, loss or damage to products, contractual liability, and workers compensation related claims. Again, your firm will need to read the policy to review details of the exclusions listed above.

Some business owner policies, in addition to the exclusions listed above, will have exclusions by endorsement. Some examples of those exclusions are asbestos, discrimination, lead, professional services, employment related practices, silica or silica related dust, fungi or bacteria and access or disclosure of confidential or personal information. These endorsements will be detailed in your firm’s policy and will need to be reviewed carefully.

The exclusions to a business owner policy are there to clearly define what is covered and what is not covered under the policy. The policy is not meant for to cover your firms design errors or omissions and also not meant for employee related injuries. The business owner policy will include general liability, business personal property and hired and non-owned auto liability.

Be sure to carefully review your firm’s business owner policy in detail. If there are any questions please call or email your Professional Underwriters agent for assistance.exclusions


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