General Liability Policy – Additional Insured

General Liability Policy for Architects or Engineers – Additional Insured

Your firm’s client is not automatically included as an additional insured under your general liability policy.  There must be a request by the first named insured to have an additional insured on the policy.

The additional insured status does provide protection under the commercial general liability policy for your firm’s client.  The additional insured status by your firm’s clients may be desired to protect the client because of the close relationship.  The additional insured is often required by a contractual agreement and more specifically in the indemnification clause of the contract.  Additional insured is viewed as a way of backing up the promised of an indemnification.

A few notes to keep in mind with the additional insured status.  An additional insured cannot make any changes to the policy, only the first named insured can make changes.  Also, Additional insured endorsements for architects and engineers are different from general contractors but similar language can be accomplished to fit the ‘work’ of design professionals.

Most commercial general liability policies for architects and engineers provide a blanket additional insured endorsement.  The additional insured requirement for the blanket endorsement is that is must be required by written contract.  There are insurance companies that will provide a scheduled additional insured, listing the specific additional insured, in addition to the blanket endorsement.  With the blanket additional insured the ongoing and completed operations language is commonly stated as ‘your work’.

Additional insured endorsements can vary with each insurance company.  Many of the companies that specialize with architects and engineers have an understanding of the endorsements.  Please be sure to speak with your Professional Underwriters agent to discuss your firm’s needs.

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