General Liability vs Professional Liability Policy

General Liability vs Professional Liability Policy

Why does my architecture/engineering firm need General Liability if we already carry a Professional Liability policy?  The reason is that these are two different types of policies, while most of a design professionals risk is with design; there is risk outside of the design.

The Professional Liability policy covers your firm for errors and omissions with your design work.  While this may be your highest area of risk there are other risks that are not covered by the Professional Liability policy.

The general liability is also referred to as the ‘trips and falls’ type of insurance.  If your firm has an office space, the general liability policy is coverage for the liability for your lease or ownership of a property.  If someone trips on your property and sued your firm, this is where the general liability policy comes into play.

Additionally, not all of what your firm does involves design, there are gray areas on a worksite that may come under the general liability policy.  If your firm is found negligent and sued for someone getting injured while visiting the worksite this may not be considered a design error and will come under the general liability policy.

There will be many occasions that the general liability will be required as a part of your firm’s contract with your client.  The general liability for architecture and engineering firms is different than it is for contractors but it may still be a requirement.  Keep in mind with the general liability that this does not cover construction defect like it will for a contractor.

If you have any questions or concerns about general liability, please call or email your Professional Underwriter agent.  We are here to provide answers and quotes, if needed.general liability

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