Graduation Party Hosting Liability

graduation party liability

Graduation Party Hosting Liability

Spring is the time of year to host a party to celebrate the accomplishments of our children graduating school!  This is a very special and exciting time for your family.  Your to-do list is long; full of just the right plans from the menu and guests to invite, all the way down to last minute home improvements.

But wait!  Parties aren’t all fun and games unfortunately.  The host is left exposed to a great deal of liability risks.  I know, I know… these are your family and friends you’re inviting and they wouldn’t consider suing you, right?  That’s not always the case.

Let’s say a guest needed to use the bathroom but it was already being used.  So they use the one upstairs even though it was made clear that it was off limits.  They trip coming down the stairs, break a leg, misses work as a result and a mass of medical bills start to fill their mailbox.  You may be at risk to pay those.

Alcohol consumption is another high risk factor.  Although you said it was for adults only, that sneaky minor consumed a few beers without your knowledge.  Then while driving home gets into an accident.   You may be held liable because the alcohol was consumed at your party.

The state of Michigan defines a Social Gathering as “an assembly of two or more individuals for any purpose, unless all of the individuals attending the assembly are members of the same household or immediate family.”  You can read more about that HERE.

So add this to your to-do list!  Make it your FIRST thing to do!  Review your homeowners policy and consult your insurance agent to make sure extra liability coverage isn’t needed.

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