How to Report a Claim – It’s Not All That Bad!


How to Report a Claim:  Immediately call or email your agent to discuss the claim or circumstance.  With your agent you will determine, based on your policy requirements, if it does fall under the definition of a claim or a circumstance.  Most claims will have a demand for money or services.  A circumstance does not fit under the definition of a claim but could potentially could become a claim.  Once you have determined if it is a claim or circumstance you will be asked to gather information such as contract, emails, etc to send to your agent.  Your agent will then send the information to the insurance carrier.  At that point a claims representative will contact you to discuss the claim and the next steps to take.  The claims representative may hire a local attorney to help with the claim or circumstance at that time.  The most important thing to remember with a claim or circumstance is communication, letting the claims representative or the attorney know of anything further that transpires on the claim or circumstance.  Remember, your Professional Underwriters agent is there to help you as well.



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