Ice Dam causes and prevention

With the temperature fluctuations we experience throughout our unpredictable seasons, ice dams are causing frustration and financial burdens to home owners. Although the damage caused by ice dams will more than likely be covered by your Home Insurance policy, the cost to remove the ice dam will not.

Ice dams are caused when melting ice and snow refreezes above the eaves of your roof leaving a space for additional ice and snow melt to become trapped. This backed up water deteriorates the roofing materials and water can begin leaking into the interior of your home, causing damage to walls and ceilings.

Ice Dams


How can you prevent this from happening? Here are some tips:

  • rake/shovel snow from the lower portions of your roof, above the gutters
  • have your roof and attic inspected for poor insulation and ventilation
  • check your roof for visible signs of moisture such as rust spots, rusty nails, or mildew smells
  • check areas that heat may be escaping your roof or attic including chimneys, hatches, light fixtures, and/or vent pipes
  • keep your gutters clear of leaves and other debris

There are products available that you can install onto your roof to prevent ice dams from ever forming if your home is prone to such melting and refreezing. If you are unsure how to take steps to prevent this damage, consult a professional.

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