active shooters

Insurance, Active Shooters & Workplace Violence

We know that no one really wants to read any more about active shooters especially how it may affect their insurance. However, Insurance and risk management issues become important considerations according to Patricia L. Harman, editor-in-chief of Claims magazine, a contributing editor to and chairs the annual America’s Event (ACE). Her article on  provides several options when facing an active shooter situation: run, hide or fight. Employees who have to take cover in a work environment have just seconds to take action. The emphasis is on pre-planning. The article covers questions you need to ask yourselves such as does the door lock? Which way does it swing? Are there windows in the doors? If you have windows do they open so you could escape? FC&S Online provided analysis of insurance coverage with respect to General Liability insurance. If the shooter is an employee there is still insurance coverage for the owner of the business in the event they are sued by an injured party, by the family, etc. Kathleen M. Bonczyk, Esq. is an attorney and the founder and president of the Workplace Violence Prevention Institute  she discusses how businesses can prepare for active shooters. She states that personal and business stresses are just some of the triggers for business-related shootings and recognizing the signs early can be the difference between life and death. When the active shooter is an employee rather than a customer, client, or visitor, claims for negligent hiring, supervision or retention may invoke coverage under the Employment Practices or Directors and Officers insurance. A business should have a written workplace violence prevention policy and not have it hidden in an employee handbook. The article offers keys to reducing violent behavior to help de-escalate a situation. Please check out these online articles and with the help of your insurance company’s risk management resources perhaps reduce the chances of an active shooter at your business.