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INSURANCE CLAIMS OR INCIDENTS – Ensure the fastest possible response to your insurance claim or incident

Reporting insurance claims or an incident (a situation that very well could turn into an insurance claim) as soon as reasonably possible is of utmost importance! If it is in regard to your professional services your Professional Liability insurance is on a ‘claims’ made basis, you must have the insurance in force when the ‘claim’ is made.

If you are acknowledging your receipt of the claim or incident, whether by phone or email, do not accept any blame or admit to any liability.

Call or email the claim or incident information to your insurance agent or your insurance company.  If after hours, call our office, we provide emergency phone numbers to contact us. The sooner your insurance company is made aware of the claim or incident the sooner they can react. Even if you don’t have all of the facts you will have enough information to establish a claim or incident report.

Contact your PUI agent today!

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