Insurance Information for New Design Professionals

New Design Professionals



Insurance Information for New Design Professionals is very important in the world of architects and engineers.

The task of completing a degree in Engineering or Architecture is one of the most daunting in existence.

Once a young designer has founded a firm for themselves, the idea of insurance is likely the last thing on their mind.

We here at Professional Underwriters, Inc. welcome these new firms into the industry and make it our goal to help relieve the stress of finding coverage.

But which coverage do you need? Which is required?

Professional Underwriters, Inc. is a proud member of the A/E ProNet Organization, a group of highly trained and experience agencies across the country that specialize in Professional Liability and Property and Casualty coverage specifically for Design Professionals. There is a wealth of information on their website that can be viewed by our clients.

Please click HERE to find more information on the basics of insurance coverage that is utilized by Design Professionals.

This is not only geared towards new firms either, many of our clients find the resources available on our website useful in day to day work.

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