Insuring Personal Jewelry


Putting an insurance policy on your engagement ring may sound unromantic, but nothing’s sweeter than peace of mind. Many Homeowners or Renters policies will include a limited value for jewelry. However, this coverage will only apply when there is a covered loss to the property, such as fire or a break in. Coverage will not extend if your ring is stolen on vacation. There is a solution – schedule the item on your Homeowners policy for an additional premium.

Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Policy:


Is the ring covered if you lose it accidentally—or only if it’s stolen?

Will they require you to purchase a replacement through a specified jeweler?

What if it’s a vintage ring or other unique piece?

Is the ring insured to full cost or a fraction of it?

How will you need to prove the ring vanished if you make a claim?

Are there any circumstances of loss or damage that aren’t covered?


Read how Hanover/Citizens can help to insure your valuables here.

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