Insuring Your Watercraft

Insuring Your Watercraft

Did you know that not all watercraft are automatically covered under your Home Owners Personal Liability coverage?

insuring your watercraft

Protect the life you love, on the water and off. With Hanover Insurance Company’s watercraft coverage and the help of your independent insurance agent at Professional Underwriters. We can help make insuring your boat smooth sailing.

Their watercraft coverage provides protection for boats between $3,000-$500,000 in value. The Hanover covers boats (up to 43’), sailboats (up to 51’) and personal watercrafts.

Hanover can also offer coverage for high-value boats as a complement to their Prestige offering. With the choice to select the coverages and limits that suit your boating lifestyle, you can leave the stress of insurance aside and focus on making summer memories.

Their standard watercraft product includes $500 in coverage for losses to items like fishing rods, portable radios, basic chart plotters and other personal items. With an additional endorsement, we can insure high-end fishing equipment and personal effects with limits up to $10,000. Their product can also include towing and assistance coverage up to $500 per disablement. We also offer the option to extend that coverage, including an unlimited towing expense option with no deductible.

Speak with an agent at Professional Underwriters today to get more information about what watercraft coverage is right for you.

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