MCCA – What is The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association?

MCCA – Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association

Michigan has the best medical coverage in the United States when it comes to automobile accidents. Every insured driver in Michigan pays the Michigan catastrophic claims association fee, commonly referred to as the MCCA fee. Many residents do not know what the MCCA fee is or what it covers.

The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA), is a private non-profit unincorporated association. It was created by the state Legislature in 1978. Michigan’s unique auto insurance no-fault law provides unlimited lifetime coverage for medical expenses which result from auto accidents. The MCCA reimburses auto no-fault insurance companies for each Personal Injury Protection (PIP) medical claim paid in excess of a set amount.

All auto insurance companies operating in Michigan are assessed to cover the catastrophic medical claims occurring in Michigan. Those assessments are generally passed on to auto insurance policyholders. The 2018-2019 assessment is $192.00 per vehicle.


The law requires the MCCA to calculate the premium (assessment) on an annual basis. The premium is required to be sufficient to cover the lifetime claims of all persons catastrophically injured in that year. The MCCA also adjusts the premium for excess or deficiency in earlier assessments.

The MCCA must assess to cover all catastrophic claims occurring during a certain year. Changing the assessment from per car to per person will not change the total amount needed to pay claims. The per car assessment is also consistent with the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) portion of the no-fault law, which is based on each car.

For more information please click on the MCCA official website or contact an agent at Professional Underwriters Inc.

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