Mitigating Indoor Weather Risks

Mitigating Indoor Weather Risks

Throughout the year, severe weather nationwide creates hazards that can prove costly for retailers and other businesses. Slip and fall claims accounted for almost 30,000 injuries in 2016. These affect both customers and employees. Slip and falls are the top driver of incidents and claim costs. Also, they are one of the chief causes of workers compensation claims and lost days from work. Wet floors are a major factor in these incidents. These can be caused by seasonal events such as blizzards or heavy rainfall. Mitigating risks should be a top priority for businesses.

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What can you do?

Prevention begins with planning. Check weather forecasts for any severe weather risks. Make sure high traffic areas are protected; use slip-resistant walk off mats and be sure the area is well lit. Place ‘wet floor’ signs near areas that tend to track in moisture from outdoors to make sure clients and employees are aware of the potential to slip.

Weather is not always the reason behind a slip and fall. Be sure to maintain clear, clutter free work areas as well –

  • Clean up spills immediately. If a spill can’t be cleaned up right away, place “wet floor” warning signs for workers.
  • Keeps walkways and hallways free of debris, clutter and obstacles.
  • Keep filing cabinets and desk drawers shut when not in use.
  • Cover cables or cords in walkways.
  • Replace burnt-out light bulbs promptly.
  • Consider installing abrasive floor mats or replacing worn flooring.
  • Encourage workers to wear comfortable, properly fitted shoes.

Contact Professional Underwriters to learn how prevention can help to prevent potential claims.

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