Vehicles for College Grads

Vehicles for College Grads 10 safest, most affordable vehicles to insure for college grads The official start of summer is still a few weeks away, but it’s already started for many college students who have finally graduated. Over the years, parents have…

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Architect I.M. Pei Died at 102

The Masterful Modernism of I.M. Pei Spencer Bailey,Alex Scimecca May 19, 2019 I.M. Pei, who died last week in his Manhattan home at age 102, was among the most celebrated architects of the last century, widely praised for his high-profile…

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CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE WARS We are now entering a phase of business where owners are relying on third party associates to handle their certificates of insurance in an attempt to limit their own risk and alleviate the pain of requesting…

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