Online Shopping Safety

online shopping

Online Shopping Safety

‘Tis the season for online shopping!

A lot of top stores start to offer incredible online shopping deals and free shipping during the holidays.  Not to mention the shipping is quite fast and they make returns pretty hassle-free.  And let’s face it, the selection is huge and right at your fingertips! Many consumers are turning to this convenient, even fun, way of shopping for gifts.  But what are the risks?  They say their website is secure, but is it?  We are hearing more and more often of  new cyber hacks occurring these days too.

So what can you do to lower your chances of being the next phishing attack victim?  That is besides the obvious safeguards to use familiar websites, don’t give out your social security number and look for that SSL lock on the address bar?  The National CyberSecurity Alliance website has many great tips.  Check it out HERE.

Don’t stop shopping online, just use caution.  Make sure to look over your bank and credit card statements frequently too.

Now go ahead, get those bargains!


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