Online Video Conference Meeting Tips

Online Video Conference Meeting Tips

With this new era of video conferencing and online meetings, many have found that there are a new set of guidelines to follow – things that we might not have needed to discuss in person, but are worth going over now that so many are working from the comfort of their own homes.

online video conference

Here are some suggestions which will help you stay productive, connected, and not-embarrassed as much as possible while we struggle through this new era of office work.

  • Use the video option when possible
  • Dress for the job you have
  • Stage your video area
  • More light is better
  • Try to look into the camera
  • Do your own tech support before you start
  • Stay on mute if you’re not talking
  • Don’t eat during the meeting
  • Don’t do other private things while on a meeting
  • Stay focused
  • Only invite people who need to be there
  • Make the meeting private
  • And finally, the host should be the last one to leave

Using these tips, and you common office etiquette knowledge, we can all continue to be productive employees during these challenging times.

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