Optional HomeOwners Endorsements to Consider

HomeOwners Endorsements





The majority of home owners have an insurance policy in place to cover their loses in the event of a claim.

However, many home owners are not aware of other optional policy endorsements that can further protect your assets.


1. Additional Insured Residence Premises – protects the interest of others who may not live at or own the property, but have an insurable interest in the location. The person or organization must be scheduled on the policy.

2. Other Members of Your Household – with more people cohabiting, you may not realize that although you consider them a household resident, your insurance carrier does not.  This endorsement corrects that and allows the additional persons to be listed on the policy by name.

3. Other Structures Increased Limits – Typically, other structures receive a limit that is 10% of the total dwelling limit for property damage. However, this limit may not be adequate. Also, other structures includes not only a garage, but shed, or gazebo, and patios.

4. Mechanical Breakdown – This new endorsement provides a selected limit which provides coverage for the mechanical breakdown of certain household appliances.

5. Limited Water Back Up – Even though most HomeOwner policies includes coverage for  water back up, that coverage excludes damage to the actual sewer or sump pump. This endorsement provides limited back up coverage for sump pumps and related equipment.

To learn more about HomeOwner policies that are available, please click here.


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