personal umbrella liability

Personal Umbrella Liability Coverage

You may assume your Home Owners Liability will provide enough coverage if an incident was to arise. However, with the rising inflation and cost of legal and medical services, that liability limit may not be enough.

Owning a home or car increases your risk of liability. With an umbrella insurance policy, you can be protected from liability claims with affordable coverage that goes beyond the limits of your home or auto policy.

Personal Umbrella Liability coverage can help protect you from liability costs as a result of injury to others on your property, property damage, libel, slander, invasion of privacy, defense costs, legal settlements and more. An umbrella policy kicks in when your basic liability limits run out. In the event of a major accident, or a liability lawsuit, you’ll be glad you have this extra protection.

An umbrella policy could protect you if:

  • You’re ruled at fault in a car accident.
    You’re sued and found liable for an amount well over the coverage included in your personal auto policy.
  • You leave your bonfire unattended and it damages a neighbor’s home.
    The damage to their house is substantially more than the coverage available through the liability amount of your home policy.
  • A guest slips on ice outside of your home.
    A guest attending your holiday party breaks her arm. She sues for pain and suffering, but your home insurance doesn’t cover all of her expenses.

A Personal Umbrella Policy may cost much less than you assume it would. As with any insurance policy, your exact price will depend on individual risk factors, including the number of people in your household and how many cars and properties you own. Annual pricing can begin at just a couple hundred dollars in premium.


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