Post COVID-19 World for Design Professionals

post covid-19


Post COVID-19 World for Design Professionals


The 2020 Pandemic of COVID-19 has caused industries around the country to either rapidly come to a halt or experiment with new ways of working.

Estimates show that 1 Billion have been told to stay home, in attempts to curb increasing infection rates. The business world has responded by quickly implementing remote work policies to ensure for as much continuity as possible.

While many industries find themselves unprepared or unequipped to deal with remote work on a mass scale, architecture and engineering can operate relatively well with employees in different locations.

However, shortages in the supply chain (especially from China), temporary stops in production, and the postponement or even cancelation of capital investments and bank loans has impacted projects. However, by finessing long-term strategies that were already in place, as well as using aid from the government, there is hope for architecture and engineering to cope amidst COVID-19.

Sandip R. Chandarana, Director, Professional Underwriters Agency, recently posted a blog on the ae ProNet website HERE with his insights into what the post COVID world will look like for many design firms.

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