Protecting Your Valuable Gifts

That valuable gift you received could take weeks or months worth of income to replace if you are a victim of theft, natural disaster or other unforeseen events. Most homeowners insurance comes with a limited amount of protection for valuable items. For your most precious items that exceed this limit the item can be scheduled to your Homeowners, renters, or tenant policies for a minimal premium.

pexels-marko-klaric-6408285When do you need extra insurance for your gift?

Because most home and renters policies cap coverage on certain types of valuables, you might need extra coverage if you’re buying a gift that fits into one of these categories and is worth more than the included limit.  There are options on how to insure a high value item if necessary. You can increase your valuable items coverage limit, schedule the specific item as a rider/endorsement, or get a stand alone policy for the item.

Scheduling items as an endorsement generally has no deductible, and provides itemized coverage for items such as jewelry, coin collections, silverware, fine arts, cameras, sports equipment, musical instruments and more.

Get peace of mind knowing your jewelry is properly insured with financial protection in the event it is lost or stolen. Discover your options with Hanover Insurance or speak to your agent at Professional Underwriters for more information.


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