Quality Project Management for Architects and Engineers

Quality Project Management for Architects and Engineers

This is a busy time of year for architects and engineers; every client wants their project designed now so they can get under construction during the summer and fall.  It is important to keep the same quality on the project as your firm would during the slower times of the year.

The start of a quality project is the contract, which sets up the expectations of your firm and your client as well.  If there are issues on the project or fee disputes you can refer to your contract to determine what the agreement was with your client.

Documenting is a key factor to any project but don’t let that slide during the busy times of year.  If you have a phone conversation follows it up with an email so that all parties understand and have communication about the project changes or issues.  It is important to always document everything on a project.

Continue the quality control on a project that your firm always does.  Don’t let quality slide because you are busy and don’t have the time.  This may end up costing you more time in the end if there were to be an issue or even a claim.

With regards to sub consultants, be sure your firm is working with subs that you are familiar with or that have a good reputation.  Everyone is busy and you don’t want your firm to be in a position of working with a sub that you don’t have a good comfort level with.  Also always be sure you are collecting their current certificate of insurance.

Your firm may be busy, which is great on one hand, but don’t let the quality of your projects slide because if it.  If you do have questions please call or email your Professional Underwriters agent.

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