Ransomware Claims (and Ways to Prevent Them)


Ransomware Claims (and Ways to Prevent Them)

A large portion of Cyber related claims are due to a type of software called “Ransomware”. It’s a type of malware (or malicious software) that allows itself to be installed extremely easily on a computer and prevents you from accessing any of your files as it encrypts them until a ransom has been paid. This is a continuous and ever growing threat to small and large businesses alike as it can distribute or destroy business and customer information (leaving you liable for fallout), prevent business operations until the system is fully clear, and often require IT personnel to investigate, secure, and remove the threat.


In the unfortunate circumstance you do happen to be afflicted by Ransomware (or any other cyber related claim), it could be an extremely expensive out of pocket cost as there are so many different factors associated with so much personal information from both the business and its customers. Fortunately, Professional Underwriters has different options to provide your business with the Cyber coverage it needs.


Some ways to prevent Ransomware from infecting your business network are:

1. Make sure all antivirus, malware, and firewall software is installed on each computer, up to date with the latest version/update, and constantly scanning for threats.

2. If possible, try not to visit websites that are not “secure”. For example, in Google Chrome, the address bar will have a green lock next to “Secure” for sites that are safer to browse.

3. Try to be cognizant of attachments in e-mails that look suspicious or are not expected. A large portion of Ransomware incidents are from users who mistakenly open an e-mail or attachment that looks legitimate but is actually malicious.

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