Resuming Projects After Shutdown

Resuming Projects After Shutdown

Reopening a construction project after a shutdown can be challenging. Whether planned or unplanned, a construction shutdown can have a significant impact on a project’s potential for loss.

To help prepare your work site to reopen, develop a plan to help address conditions, hazards and appropriate controls. Conduct a post-shutdown inspection of your site, documenting any physical changes since the shutdown. Use pre-shutdown inspections, photos, test reports, and observational notes for comparison. Once identified, correct deficiencies and implement appropriate controls to ensure the site is safe for workers to return.

contruction insuranceConfirm that valid contracts are in place with all subcontractors, vendors, and service providers. Obtain new certificates of insurance and related documentation where needed. To help with infection control, consider limiting the number of subcontractors and vendors. Prequalify new contractors, including cleaning and security services, prior to work. Extend or renew rental agreements for site facilities, such as lighting, fencing, and trailers. Additional facilities may be required to support enhanced hygiene practices.

Verify placement and function of stormwater, sediment and pollution controls. Reactivate site surveillance or security systems. Identify laydown, staging and parking areas. Reconfigure the site layout to account for social distancing. Consider new site security concerns related to COVID-19. Note that disruptions in supply chain may mean that certain commodities and materials are prime theft targets.

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