Risk Management Resources Available to Architects and Engineers

Risk Management Resources Available to Architects and Engineers

Your firm may have risk management practices within your firm it is always a good idea to look outside of your firm for additional information.  Here is a list of some suggestions of risk management resources.

Your Professional Liability insurance company has risk management information they provide to you as an insured.  Keep an eye out for newsletters, webinars, local seminars and websites dedicated to risk management.  Here are a few links of risk management information from insurance companies.



Professional Underwriters agency is part of an association dedicated to Design Professionals.  The association is AE Pronet and the website has risk management resources available on there:


If you need assistance in navigating that website please contact your Professional Underwriters agent.

Local attorneys are also a great resource for risk management.   Attorneys are dealing with the claims and issues that come up on a daily basis and can provide assistance and information to alleviate claims.  Attorneys do provide risk management seminars from time to time; keep an eye out for those.

There are risk management companies available to Design Professionals for a nominal fee.  These companies have resources and information available both locally and nationwide.  This is especially helpful if your firm is going to work on a project that is outside of the state you normally work in.

Many associations such as AIA and NSPE will have risk management resources available.  They offer seminars, webinars or information on their websites available to members of the association.

Your insurance agent has information available as well, including websites, seminars, newsletters and blogs.  Please be sure to call or email Professional Underwriters with your questions.risk management

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