Risk Management resources for Design Professionals

risk managementRisk Management resources for Design Professionals are at your fingertips.  Your firm is at risk every day in all of the business activities, it is imperative to manage the risk.  There are numerous resources available to your firm:

Attorney – It is a good idea to have an attorney that you work with on a regular basis and is familiar with your firm.  Attorneys can be a great resource for many things, such as contract review, developing a contract for your firm or getting feedback on a situation you are not comfortable with.  There are some great attorneys out there that specialize in working with Design Professionals.

Continuing education – This is not only important for you the principals but also all staff working on projects.  While sometimes we think of CE as a necessary evil to perform our jobs, you can also learn so much, not just from the instructor but from your peers.

Attend risk management seminars – Again this is important for not only principals of the firm but for the staff.  There are so many different types of topics that are covered and now more and more webinars are making it easier for your firm to participate.

Visit insurance company websites – When you sign up with a carrier or have been with that carrier for a long time, go to their website to find out what is available for risk management.   Carriers will offer webinars, newsletters, monthly or quarterly updates on risk management and some carriers have a dedicated risk management department.

Professional Associations – Many associations offer CE, webinars and risk management seminars along with your membership.  Be sure to inquire about what is available with your association.

As always, please feel free to call or email your PUI agent to ask questions or for resources for risk management.

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