“Scope of Services” – Educational Video Series

"scope of services"


“Scope of Services” – Educational Video Series

Architectural and engineering services means professional services of an architectural or engineering nature, or incidental services, that members of the architectural and engineering professions, and individuals in their employ, may logically or justifiably perform

First in an ongoing series of educational videos put together by a/e ProNet, is a segment from attorney Laurie Randolph.

Laurie Randolph, Esq., discusses that the best defense for a design professional is a written contract that includes a clear, concise scope of services. It should be a “meeting of the minds” of both the professional and the client about what specific services will be provided by the professional and by the client. She illustrates by examples good scope of services.

To view this video on the a/e ProNet website please click HERE or to view on YouTube please click HERE

We will continue to provide links to additional videos that are relevant to the design professionals world in the coming weeks.



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